Sarah's Naughty Boers
Welcome!  My name is Sarah Leininger.  I have been raising fullblood Boer goats for
over 10 years in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, and my fullblood herd consists
of about 15 brood does, and all of my goats are ABGA registered.

My goal is to raise quality fullblood boer goats that are competitive in the show ring
but are also productive meat animals.  Therefore, I aim to raise low-maintenance,
parasite-resistant boer goats.  Most of my does have only been wormed once or
twice, if at all, and  I only trim the hooves of the majority of my animals once per
year.  A few of my past and present kids are below, and you will find more like them
as you browse.

I am a member of the
Shenandoah Valley Boer Breeders Sale and sell the majority of
my youngsters at these sales, although I will occasionally sell a buck or two privately.
Contact Info:
Sarah Leininger
19338 Mechanicsville Rd
Timberville VA 22853
(540) 818-8578
Last updated December 12, 2014

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Sarah's Naughty Boers Clyde
Attacca (2011)
Thor (2012)

We're anxiously awaiting our 2014-2015 kid crop--and our first kids out of Den Den and Ace!  It looks like
our first kids will be on the ground right around 12/15.     

Thus, decisions have been made about which of last year's doe kids will stick around and which will go to
the Shenandoah Valley Boer Breeders' in March.  There is a quick preview of the sale does on the for sale
page, but most of the photos could use some work.

Additionally, Sarah's Naughty Boers has a new facebook page, and to celebrate this, for every 50
likes (until 1/1/15), I will draw for a $50 credit to be used towards goats, semen, or stud fees from
Sarah's Naughty Boers!
We raise ABGA registered fullblood boer goats in Rockingham County, Virginia.  We have sold boer goats
to many states, including Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Delaware, and
New York.  
Machete x Attacca buck kid #1, 9 days (Dec. 2013)
Machete x Attacca buck kid #2, 6 days (Dec. 2013)
EGGS Den Den C581
EGGS Ace Up My Sleeve C608
HC High C Monet **Ennobled**